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Photos and Video: Migrant Shot with Tear Gas in the Face

Texas agents fired tear gas yesterday for the second time against a migrant to prevent him from arriving with United States Border Patrol agents in the El Paso Sector.

At approximately 1:00 in the afternoon, Venezuelan William Márquez, 29 years old, was trying to dig a hole under the metal fence installed by the Texas National Guard to reach the top of the US border, when he was attacked by Texas Highway Patrol.

Just as happened on March 22, when the state fired tear gas bullets against a group of migrants who were pulling the mesh, yesterday the highway police and riot police officers of the Texas National Guard arrived next to the metal fence to shoot at the South American who remained seated while digging on the banks of the Rio Grande.

Márquez returned to the Mexican side, supported by his teammates, covering his face with a sweatshirt, due to the discomfort caused by the gas fired at him.

He also showed a wound that the agents caused on his left arm, two hours after another Venezuelan claimed that a National Guard agent showed him the middle finger of his right hand when he told him he wanted to enter the United States.

“They are angry because a group made a hole and people got in,” added another migrant while the military protected a group of people next to the bars of the border wall, from where they were transferred in groups by the Border Patrol of Sector El Step to begin processing.

On April 11, the Government of Texas reported on the arrest of a migrant who cut the barbed fence on the banks of the Rio Grande.

“Destroying state property is illegal. Last week, DPS Aircraft Operations and the Texas Rangers worked together to arrest an illegal migrant seen cutting a C-wire near Gate 36 in El Paso. “This is just one of 21 people who have been arrested and charged with cutting C cables since March 21, 2024. The state of Texas will not tolerate the destruction of the barrier,” he stated.

On March 22, tear gas shots against a group of migrants who were pulling the metal mesh to reach Border Patrol agents injured a 26-year-old Venezuelan, who identified himself as José Lozada, whose face was covered in blood just minutes after a group of migrants held a peaceful demonstration. (With information from Fernando Méndez)

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