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Prince Harry suffers defeat in ongoing struggle to secure personal security in the United Kingdom

Prince Harry’s appeal for systematic police protection during his visits to the United Kingdom was rejected by the British justice system. The youngest son of King Charles III and Meghan Markle lost the right to protection with public funds after deciding to end his public functions within the royal family and settle in California, USA. Prince Harry questioned the decision not to grant him protection, but the London High Court ruled that it was not irrational.

A spokesperson for Prince Harry indicated that he was not seeking preferential treatment, but a fair and legal application of protection standards. However, the Supreme Court rejected his appeal, stating that the decision had well-founded reasons. The Prince has the option to go to a Court of Appeal. He was also ordered to pay 90% of the legal expenses of the Ministry of the Interior in this case.

This legal battle for security measures in the UK has been an ongoing issue for Prince Harry, especially considering the sensitivity of the topic due to the tragic accident of his mother, Princess Diana. Despite his efforts to maintain security, the courts had previously denied his request for police protection even when he offered to pay for it himself.

The last visit of Prince Harry to the UK was a brief trip to London in February to see his father, King Charles III, following the announcement of his father’s cancer diagnosis. Prince Harry’s concerns about security stem from past experiences with the press and the paparazzi, particularly after the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997. He has taken legal action against British tabloids in response to invasion of privacy issues.

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