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Production on the highly anticipated fourth season of the Chucky series is on the horizon, with confirmation looming despite filming not yet underway.

We would not see the fourth season of the Chucky series until well into 2025. In October 2021, Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky, brought us a series centered on the famous red-haired doll from the films, serving as a direct continuation of the previous movies, with “Cult of Chucky” being the most recent release in 2017.

With three seasons already out and the current one still airing, the future of the show is uncertain. Despite attracting a good number of viewers on Syfy, available in our country through Movistar, the next steps are not clear. Don Mancini remains optimistic and has presented his idea for a fourth season to the network, leaving it up to Syfy and USA Network to decide.

The series, if renewed, promises to bring various surprises and would not be back until at least well into 2025. Fans can expect a fun and unexpected turn in the upcoming season, continuing the trend of shocking twists that the show is known for.

In the series, an American town is plunged into chaos when a doll named Chucky appears at a flea market in a residential neighborhood, triggering a series of terrifying murders that expose dark secrets of the neighbors.

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