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Protesters in Encampment display three Palestinian flags over Harvard Yard

Pro-Palestine student protesters at Harvard Yard flew three Palestinian flags from University Hall on Saturday evening. Harvard University Police officers called for the removal of the flags, which were taken down by facilities staff with HUPD officers present. Protesters chanted slogans as the flags were removed, expressing support for a free Palestine. Harvard spokesperson stated that the flag-raising was a violation of university policy, and those involved could face disciplinary action. Protesters gathered inside and outside the encampment, demonstrating solidarity and willingness to have their IDs recorded. The American flag was not flying due to scheduled hours, and no university administrators intervened during the protest. Chief Victor A. Clay supported the protesters’ rights to peaceful demonstration. Previous activist groups have also utilized the flagpole for advocacy, such as anti-rape culture protesters in 2023. The current protest follows actions earlier in the week involving a keffiyeh and Palestinian flag draped over the John Harvard statue.


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