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Protests at universities escalate before graduation as students call for severing ties with Israel leading to arrests

Protests are escalating on college campuses nationwide as graduation ceremonies approach amid demands to sever financial ties with Israel amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. Over 275 people were arrested at campuses such as Indiana University, Arizona State University, and Washington University in St. Louis. The number of arrests nationwide has reached nearly 900 since New York police dismantled a pro-Palestinian protest at Columbia University. Students are facing suspensions and legal repercussions, prompting protests and calls for amnesty from both students and faculty. Campus administrators are responding with arrests, suspensions, or pleas for protestors to leave, while the debate continues on the consequences for students’ future. President Joe Biden has acknowledged the strong emotions surrounding the protests but has left management to local authorities. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has condemned the situation as dangerous and emphasized the responsibility of college administrators. Campus protests began after demonstrations at Columbia University and have since spread across the country._encrypt_Jigsaw.


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