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Public Opinion on ‘Civil War’ as “Best Film of 2024” Not as Significant as Expected, According to Ratings at Theaters

Viewers in the United States have not been very satisfied with Alex Garland’s acclaimed film, “Civil War.” In Spain, fans will have to wait until April 19 for the film to be released in theaters, while it has been available in the United States since last Friday. Despite its historic performance at the box office, it seems that the public has not been very impressed with a title that was being hyped as “the best movie of 2024.”

The latest work of Alex Garland has received a B- in Cinemascore, indicating that it has caused some division among those who saw “Civil War” on opening day. It remains to be seen how this will impact the film’s box office performance in the coming days, which is not a good sign.

On a positive note, “Civil War” has become Garland’s highest-rated film on Cinemascore. However, it is important to note that “Ex Machina” was not evaluated through that service. Additionally, both “Annihilation,” which received a C, and “Men,” which only managed a D+, were also very divisive titles.

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