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Rashel Díaz Exposes the Harrowing Ordeal She Endured at the Hands of Telemundo

For 12 years, Rashel Díaz, a Cuban presenter, hosted a popular show on Hispanic television in the United States called “Un Nuevo Día” on Telemundo. Despite her always cheerful demeanor, she faced a lot of pressure behind the scenes that led to difficult times.

In a recent emotional interview with Venezuelan presenter Rodner Figueroa, Díaz revealed the challenges she faced by trying to maintain a persona that wasn’t true to herself just to please the network. She mentioned how towards the end of her time at Telemundo, she was told not to laugh, dance, or be herself, which caused a great deal of stress for her.

Initially, Díaz had more freedom to express herself on screen, but over time, the pressure mounted, causing her discomfort in a place where she had experienced many positive moments in her career. In 2020, she made the decision to leave television to support her husband through a personal struggle with marijuana addiction.

Currently, Rashel leads a peaceful life as a motivational coach and shares positive messages with her over two million followers on her personal Instagram account.

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