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Rashel Díaz Exposes the Turmoil Endured at the Hands of Telemundo

For 12 years, the Cuban presenter Rashel Díaz hosted the popular program “Un Nuevo Día” on Telemundo, becoming one of the most well-known faces in Hispanic television in the United States. However, behind her constant smile and energy, she faced a great deal of pressure that led her through difficult times.

In a recent emotional and candid interview with Venezuelan presenter Rodner Figueroa, Díaz opened up about the challenges she experienced by having to portray a persona that was not truly her, in order to fit in with the expectations of the television industry.

She recalled a time when she was asked to suppress her natural instincts to laugh, dance, and move freely on screen, which went against her authentic self. This led to a period of high stress and discomfort during the final years of her tenure at Telemundo.

Díaz also shared that she made the decision to step away from television in 2020 to support her husband through a personal struggle with marijuana addiction, a journey she chose not to elaborate on. Following her departure from TV, she has embraced a quieter life as a motivational coach and uses her personal Instagram account to inspire and connect with her over two million followers.

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