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Rebelde Way Reschedules Shows in Israel Amid Middle East Conflict: A Message to Fans

A more than 20 years of juvenile fiction success of Cris Morena, Rebelde Way planned to return to Israel with two mega concerts, scheduled for April 25 and 27 in Live Park. During the last few days, plans changed dramatically. It is that, given the conflict in the Middle East, the production company decided to reschedule the shows.

“For those who follow us, accompany us, were waiting for this event, I have to tell you that, given the tremendous and sad events of this weekend in Israel, the production made the decision to reschedule the date,” he confirmed through his social networks. Pirou Sáenz, who serves as the group’s musical director and was also part of the series.

Although he did not reveal possible new dates, Sáenz was optimistic. “We are going to tell you in the next few days, the reunion is going to happen. “We are with you,” said the team member.

Mica Vazquez, also part of the cast and current host of Before anyone (Luzu TV), told his followers the details of the matter. “We just had a meeting with the entire production team. Due to everything that is happening, the show is going to be rescheduled for a little later. We prefer to wait. As soon as we can and we know when, we will inform you. The truth is that we really wanted to travel, but now is not the time. We decided it was best to wait and go further,” she said.

The return of the band was announced earlier this year. “We are very excited to announce our reunion show. Rebelde Way in Israel, after 20 years”, he expressed, at that time, Benjamin Rojas, one of the protagonists of the soap opera that became a sensation throughout the globe.

Days before they had been announced with great fanfare. “The stars of the legendary youth series Rebelde Way they are on their way to Israel 20 years after their last appearance, when they appeared before some 150,000 people who enjoyed their show during 17 functions at the Menorah Hall (Nokia). Furthermore, it is the first time, since the outbreak of the war, that a major international spectacle comes to Israel”, different portals commented on the long-awaited return of the group that marked childhoods and adolescence in all parts of the world.

Although some of the stars who were part of the strip were not going to return, among them Luisana Lopilato, the truth is that the majority were encouraged to bet on this project on stage. Among the figures who confirmed their participation were Benjamin Rojas (Pablo), Felipe Colombo (Manuel), Micaela Vazquez (Pilar), Georgina Fire (Luna), Diego Garcia (Marcos), Jazmín Beccar Varela (Lujan), Diego Mesaglio (Guido), Belen Scalella (Bell), Coco May (Tomás), Francisco Bass (Fran), and Pablo Heredia (Blas).

For this “New era”, In addition, different incorporations were added. The main one was Pirou Sáenz, who played Rocco in the fiction strip, as artistic director and music producer. Talents are still on the list, such as Josefina Ezcurra to choreograph the show, and Anna Zak y Or Cohen as special guests.

But that’s not all: the participation of Chen Aharoni who joined as the opening act for the show, in which he will perform well-known songs from the best-known Argentine soap operas worldwide, including Floricienta y Almost angels.

Regarding the details of the staging, the production company that plans to bring the cast of Rebelde Way forward Teleshow that “the show will last approximately two hours and will include live performances of the series’ beloved and popular hits.

The goal is for fans to relive their nostalgic moments and sing along with them the songs that defined their youth. And also, to enjoy real premieres and new songs from the soloists on stage today, giving meaning to the title of this reunion as a ‘NEW ERA.'”

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