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Rebirth Island Release Date Updates and Other Details

Rebirth Island Release Date Updates and Other Details

Rebirth Island Release Date Updates and Other Details

Rebirth Island: A Fresh Chapter in Warzone Season 3

As the gaming community buzzes with anticipation, the return of Rebirth Island marks a significant update in the Call of Duty Warzone series. Scheduled to launch on April 3, 2024, Warzone Season 3 promises an array of new content, features, and enhancements aimed at enriching the player experience. This article delves into what players can expect with the upcoming release, including detailed insights into the reintroduction of Rebirth Island.

Launch Date and Time for Warzone Season 3

Mark your calendars! Warzone Season 3 is set to go live on April 3, 2024, at 9 AM Pacific Time. This update will simultaneously roll out across various platforms, including the newly introduced Warzone Mobile, ensuring that players worldwide can jump right into the action. Whether you’re in Mountain Time, Central European Time, or anywhere else around the globe, the excitement of Season 3 awaits you at a synchronized global release time.

Rebirth Island: What’s New?

Rebirth Island is not just returning; it’s evolving. Long-time players of Warzone will recognize the familiar layout, which retains its 11 key Points of Interest (POIs). However, subtle changes have been made to enhance gameplay dynamics and provide fresh challenges. Additionally, the island will feature new Easter Eggs and possibly new structures to explore, ensuring that even the most seasoned players will find new surprises.

Enhancements and New Features in Season 3

Season 3 is not just about Rebirth Island. It introduces several new gameplay elements and improvements. Players can look forward to aquatic gameplay options with the addition of watercraft and the ability to swim around Rebirth Island. This season also introduces Biometric Scanners, Variable Time of Day settings, and Smart Displays, which will significantly alter how players strategize and interact with the environment.

New Weapons and Equipment

The arsenal gets a boost in Season 3 with the introduction of new weapons and equipment. Leaks suggest the inclusion of the EM1, ASM1, BAL27, and MORS sniper rifle, all of which promise to add new dimensions to combat strategies. Additionally, the Utility Box Field Upgrade and the Foresight Killstreak will provide tactical advantages by resupplying ammo and revealing future gas circle locations, respectively.

Ranked Play and Rewards

Competitive players have much to look forward to with the continuation of Ranked Play: Resurgence. This season includes Rebirth Island in the ranked playlist, offering new challenges and environments to climb the ranks. Players can earn exclusive rewards based on their performance and ranking, including weapon camos, emblems, and Operator skins for achieving high ranks.

Preparing for Battle

Whether you’re a veteran of Warzone or a newcomer eager to dive into the action, Season 3 offers something for everyone. With the inclusion of training modes like the Warzone Bootcamp and various in-game events, players can sharpen their skills and prepare for the high-stakes battles that await on Rebirth Island and beyond.


Warzone Season 3 is shaping up to be a pivotal update for the Call of Duty franchise, with the return of Rebirth Island and a slew of new features and content. As the release date approaches, the excitement continues to build. Prepare to embark on new adventures, face new challenges, and achieve new victories in what promises to be one of the most thrilling seasons yet.


When does Warzone Season 3 start?
Warzone Season 3 begins on April 3, 2024, at 9 AM Pacific Time.

What are the key new features in Warzone Season 3?
New features include aquatic gameplay, Biometric Scanners, a Variable Time of Day, and new weapons like the MORS sniper rifle.

Will Rebirth Island be different in Season 3?
Yes, while the island retains its original layout, it includes new Easter Eggs, potential new structures, and gameplay enhancements.

What rewards can players earn in Ranked Play this season?
Rewards include weapon camos, emblems, Operator skins, and more, based on player rankings and achievements.

Is there a training mode available for new players?
Yes, the Warzone Bootcamp mode is available for new players to practice and improve their skills before entering the main game modes.

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