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Release Date for ‘Abigail’, The New Horror Movie in Mexico Announced

For fans of horror movies, a gripping story involving themes of kidnapping and modern vampires is set to debut in Mexican cinemas. Abigail promises to enthrall viewers with its dark narrative and suspenseful plot, guaranteed to evoke nightmares and fear of the dark.

The film Abigail is helmed by directorial duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, known for their work on films like Devil’s Heir (2014), Bloody Wedding (2019), Scream (2022), and Scream VI (2023).

A group of young aspiring criminals kidnaps a 12-year-old dancer, who happens to be the daughter of a powerful underworld figure. Tasked with keeping watch over her for one night in exchange for a hefty ransom of $50 million, the captors find themselves in a terrifying situation as they realize the girl they’ve captured is more than meets the eye – she’s a vampire.

The cast of the film features Mexican actress Melissa Barrera alongside Giancarlo Esposito, Dan Stevens, Kathryn Newton, William Catlett, Kevin Durand, Angus Cloud, and Alisha Weir as the bloodthirsty Abigail.

Produced by William Sherak, Paul Neinstein, and James Vanderbilt for Project X Entertainment, as well as Tripp Vinson and Chad Vilella of Radio Silence Productions, Abigail is set to be a chilling tale of terror. Executive producers Ron Lynch and Macdara Kelleher are also involved in the project.

This horror movie is scheduled to premiere in Mexican cinemas on April 18, 2024. Get ready to experience the thrills and chills as Abigail’s story unfolds on the big screen.

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