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Renata Collado: The Low-Key Mexican Millionaire Set to Wed Alonso Aznar

Renata Collado is a Mexican photojournalist and environmental activist who is set to marry Alonso Aznar in a ceremony in Merida, Yucatan, this December. She is the second of four children born to businessman Pablo Prudencio Collado and photographer Monica de Cima. Renata’s older sister, Valentina, is the editor of Vogue Mexico, while her two younger brothers are Mateo, a lawyer, and Cristobal, a rider.

Renata’s father is a director of the investment fund age created by the billionaire Chedraui family, with a fortune estimated at $1.06 billion. He has held high positions in companies like Chedraui Commercial Group and Grupo Elektra, a leading financial services company in Latin America and the largest provider of short-term non-bank loans in the USA. Monica, Renata’s mother, comes from a wealthy family in the hotel and maritime sector in Mexico.

Renata’s main focus is on raising awareness about climate change and promoting sustainability. She draws inspiration from environmentalists like marine biologist Sylvia Earle and primatologist Jane Goodall. Renata has traveled extensively, living in places like Australia, Namibia, and the United States, and seeks to surround herself with natural environments that align with her values.

Despite her upcoming marriage to Alonso Aznar, Renata has maintained a low social profile. She was officially introduced at a wedding in Gijon in June 2021 and counts Isabelle Junot among her close friends. Renata’s dedication to environmental causes extends beyond her work as an artist, as she actively participates in initiatives to protect the planet and promote sustainable living.

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