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Renowned Astrologer and Influencer Arrested in US for Throwing Daughters Off Highway After Allegedly Killing Partner | Mexico News

The famous American influencer Danielle Ayoka has been involved in a tragic incident in Los Angeles, California. According to reports, Ayoka murdered her partner, Jaelen Allen, during a heated argument on the same day as a solar eclipse.

Prior to the incident, Ayoka expressed her concerns about the solar eclipse on social media, referring to it as the epitome of spiritual warfare. However, authorities have stated that the eclipse was not a direct cause of the subsequent events.

After the altercation with her partner, Ayoka attempted to flee with her two daughters in a Porsche Cayenne. While driving on Interstate 405 in Culver City, she allegedly threw her daughters from the moving vehicle. Tragically, the 8-month-old baby did not survive, while the 9-year-old girl managed to survive.

The devastating incident ended with Ayoka’s own death in a high-speed crash. Authorities are investigating whether her death was a suicide and the reasons behind the murders. They are working to understand the events that led Ayoka to attack her partner and put her daughters in harm’s way.

This heartbreaking story has shocked the public and raised awareness about the serious issue of domestic violence.

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