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Restrictions on Campus Access Imposed at Columbia University During Anti-War Protests

Dozens of protesters occupied a building at Columbia University, barricading the entrances and hanging a Palestinian flag outside a window amidst escalating demonstrations against the Israel-Hamas conflict spreading to college campuses nationwide. Protesters occupied Hamilton Hall, renaming it in honor of a Palestinian victim. Universities nationwide are struggling with clearing out encampments as graduation ceremonies approach, employing both negotiation and force. Multiple arrests were made at various universities as protesters demand divestment, financial transparency, and amnesty. Demonstrators assert that the protests are a peaceful movement advocating for Palestinian rights in response to the conflict in Gaza. Israel and its supporters label the protests as antisemitic. As cease-fire talks progress, the fate of arrested protesters and potential repercussions, such as suspensions and legal records, remain uncertain. Numerous universities are addressing the protests differently, some reaching agreements with protesters while others resort to arrests and removal of encampments. Columbia University has not canceled its main graduation event amidst the ongoing protests.


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