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RFK Jr reacts to Trump’s accusations by calling him ‘unhinged’ | Robert F Kennedy Jr

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized Donald Trump as “unhinged” after Trump accused the independent White House hopeful of being a “Democrat plant” and a “wasted protest vote” in a social media tirade. Both Trump and Democratic incumbent Joe Biden see Kennedy as a threat in the upcoming election. Despite challenging Biden to debates, Trump has a history of avoiding them. Kennedy vowed to confront Trump onstage about various issues, including the war in Ukraine. Recent polls show Kennedy trailing Biden and Trump, who are currently tied in support. Kennedy, a former Democrat with a strong environmental record, has shifted towards the political right and espouses conspiracy theories and anti-vaccine views. Trump is facing numerous legal challenges, including criminal charges and civil penalties. Kennedy is the son of Robert Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy, both of whom were assassinated in the 1960s. Kennedy claimed that Trump asked him to be his vice-presidential candidate, but Kennedy later endorsed Biden.


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