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Rise in Nutritionists and Coaches in Recent Times


Dani Martín surprised his followers a few days ago with an unexpected physical change. The singer’s followers were concerned about the artist’s sudden change that has been widely reported on social networks. For this, The singer wanted to publish a video on his social networks talking about the topic that has been so popular.

Andrea Martin
  • Andrea Martin
  • Journalism student in internship at the Rey Juan Carlos University. She was previously an editor at El Generacional.

«A couple of years ago it happened and now it is happening again, but in reverse, in reverse», he began saying. “In meeting wonderful people, in everyday life on the street, they tell me: ‘You’re thinner, right?’ ‘Yes Yes’. ‘But you’re thinner.’ ‘Yes, yes, I’m thinner.’ ‘But are you okay?’ ‘Yes, yes, I’m better than two years ago, when I was like Miki Ballena.’ ‘But you’re thinner. And you have blonde hair.’ ‘Yes too. Look at the things’thus reproducing the comments he had been receiving as a result of his physical change.

«If we meet like this in things, on the street, in the supermarket, in these things that they go out to do when they let me leave this place where you know that some people who like the clickbaitYes, and I have put on glasses, because as the years go by you see worse and worse and that, “But I have lost weight, I have lost weight because I am taking care of myself, I am not sick nor do I have depression or anything like that.”clarified the singer to reassure his fans.

«I have better skin, I sleep better, and everything is better. Because being chubby with joy is wonderful, but being healthy through wonderful nutrition is incredible.”he said, confessing to be very happy with his current state. «So now we save the issue that you have lost weight and all this kit. So you already go to the supermarket or the pharmacy, the stadium or whatever, and so do I. And we get rid of the thinness and that.”

«Because there are many nutritionists and many coach lately. It is confirmed: I have lost weight, I wear glasses and I have blonde hair.Dani Martín concluded his message in the Instagram video.

«You were, you are and you will be divine, because you are divine, the rest are circumstances that do not modify your being. I love you” or “I understand you so much! You look spectacular now, two years ago and in 20! “Phenomenon!”, the fans told him. «Health and love mate! I love you chubby and thin, but you already know that ‘they don’t want your kisses, if you don’t give them all the love that is in your bones’Melendi told him in the comments of the video he published.

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