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Roberto Lugo Provides Details of Scam Incident in Venezuela in Clarification Video

Roberto Lugo clarifies details of his complaint about the scam he suffered in Venezuela. The boricua Roberto Lugo sent a message clarifying the details of the scam complaint that he suffered in the country, in a message thanking the organizers of Salsa Fest 2024: “We applaud Nur Productions, Vicente Mendoza Productions, and Producciones Willie el Dog for the impeccable organization of this event that brought together great exponents of the salsa genre and provided the public with an unforgettable night full of music, dance, and joy,” he wrote.

Lugo explained that the producers did pay for his presentation. However, he pointed out Johan Linares as the person responsible for making the transaction effective, but the money never reached his hands. “I had to take my money to be able to get to Venezuela and make the presentation so as not to disappoint the public at the Poliedro de Caracas,” he added.

Caracas turns on the rhythm of salsa (Video)

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