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RTVE debuts documentary on Burgos journalist and music critic Carlos Tena

Carlos Tena was a remarkable individual: eccentric, dramatic, humorous, provocative, revolutionary, highly cultured, and as daring as he was impulsive. According to Diego A. Manrique, his companion and friend on numerous adventures, Tena was a brilliant figure who became indispensable. In an era when television and radio were the primary platforms for transmitting music trying to emerge in a country bound to outdated folklore, Tena played a crucial role. The documentary, “Carlos Tena: The Mocking Spirit of Music,” aired on ‘Imprescindibles’ on RTVE, showcasing his legendary contributions to music through shows like ‘Caja de Ritmos’, ‘Popgrama’ and ‘A uan ba buluba balam bamboo’.

The documentary features a fast-paced narrative with plenty of archival footage, showcasing the revolutionary approach Tena took in his shows. His friend Manrique recalls his last visit to Burgos, Tena’s hometown, where he rediscovered the places and memories that shaped him. His passion for music and his lively personality made him a social animal and a legend in the Spanish music industry.

However, his career faced challenges, notably with the scandal caused by a group called Las Vulpes, which led to the closure of his program. Despite setbacks, Tena remained positive and continued to inspire others with his love for music. He reflected on his childhood fondly, cherishing memories of his time at Radio Popular and his journey into journalism.

Tena, along with Manrique and Chema Rey, formed the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Spanish music journalism. Despite his radical independence and free-spirited nature, Tena’s impact on the industry was immense. His unconventional approach may have alienated TV executives, but it solidified his reputation as a pioneer and revolutionary in the music scene.

Sadly, his passing marked the end of an era. Carlos Tena’s legacy as a fearless and influential figure in Spanish music will always be remembered. He was a true visionary and a trailblazer who left an indelible mark on the industry.

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