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Ryan Castro Meets Idol at Coachella and Shows Off Tattoos in Their Honor

These have been fruitful days for the career of the Antioquian singer Ryan Castro. She first went on stage at the Coachella Festival to sing the song Piña Colada, alongside the Brazilian singer Ludmilla. This song reached the public interested in urban rhythms at the beginning of April and has become one of the most popular in clubs and radio stations in Latin America.

However, that was not the only surprise that the ghetto singer experienced. One of the most emotional moments occurred offstage and Internet users have learned about it thanks to the publications on social networks that Castro’s team has made.

And Ryan crossed paths at the festival with legendary hip hop artist Lauryn Hill, and took advantage of the moment to show him the tattoo she has of her face. Hill responded by telling Ryan that her tattoo looked splendid, and appreciated that her tattooed face was surrounded by other great artists, like Celia Cruz.

In another video from that same day, although it is not known exactly if it was before or after, Ryan Castro is also seen with J Balvin in a video call with the rapper Snoop Dogg. They also show him the tattoo that Ryan has of his face on his left leg.

Ryan Castro has a good part of his body tattooed, particularly his arms and left leg, and most of the pieces he has done are the faces of different artists he admires among whom, in addition to Lauryn Hill and Snoop Dogg, Celia Cruz, 2Pac, Héctor Lavoe and two of Michael Jackson, all on the left arm.

There is no attention left for Ryan Castro who one day before the videos of his tattoos went viral, announced the launch The ghetto singer, in the company of the La Eterna orchestra. A song with which Ryan will venture into salsa and which seems to be the first release of his next album, which will bear the same name.

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