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Ryan Gosling steals the spotlight on SNL with captivating Taylor Swift cover

The actor who plays Ken in “Barbie” opened the program with a monologue that featured Emily Blunt as a guest.

Ryan Gosling, the renowned 43-year-old actor, once again hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) for the third time in the edition last Saturday, April 13. Her participation in the late-night comedy show was marked by a series of memorable performances, including guest appearances by the actress Emily Blunt and the University of Iowa basketball star, Caitlin Clark.

During the musical monologue with which Gosling opened the show, he promised not to make any jokes about Ken, referring to his role in the hit film Barbie from 2023. Despite this, he returned to the topic saying that letting go of his character felt like a breakup, and then interpreting a Ken-centric version of the song All Too Well by Taylor Swift, causing a great reaction among the public.

The monologue took a turn when Emily Blunt, Gosling’s co-star in the film Profession danger (The Fall Guy), interrupted him to chastise him for focusing again on his Ken character instead of promoting his current film project.

Blunt even went so far as to hit him with a bottle and a wooden prop board in his effort to get him to “get over” Ken, dramatically declaring that “Ken is dead.” However, the conversation took a nostalgic turn when Gosling reminded Blunt of his involvement in Oppenheimer, which led to both singing about their respective roles. The performance culminated with Gosling implying that “Ken will never die!”, adding a humorous element to their exchange.

Since his first appearance on “SNL” in 2015, Ryan Gosling has used the show as a platform to showcase his acting versatility. (Credits: Youtube/SNL)

Aside from the musical interaction between Gosling and Blunt, the live edition of the show was also notable for the appearance of Caitlin Clark during the segment Weekend Update. The basketball star took the opportunity to playfully berate Michael Che for his jokes about women’s sports.

Another highlight of the episode was Gosling’s review of the famous sketch Close Encounter, which featured a special appearance by Kate McKinnon, who also shared a scene with Gosling in Barbie. This sketch has been one of the actor’s most memorable performances in SNL, demonstrating the versatility and sense of humor that has characterized his participation in the program.

Emily Blunt participated in the show, interacting with Gosling in a sketch about overcoming his character as Ken and his role in “Oppenheimer.” (Credits: Youtube/SNL)

Likewise, Gosling revived the plot of the famous sketch Papyrus, which referred to the use of a pre-established Microsoft Word font. In this sequel, Ryan’s character undergoes therapy to recover from his trauma, but it resurfaces when he notices that the sequel, Avatar: the path of water changed its logo only under the bold function in the same program.

It is relevant to mention that Gosling’s presence in SNL has been a constant in his career since his first appearance as host in 2015. The show has served as a platform for the actor to showcase his versatility and talent beyond his film roles, including his participation in comedy sketches that have led him to play a wide range of characters, from an awkward father to an abducted man by aliens.

Gosling’s past performances on “SNL” inspired Greta Gerwig to cast him in the film “Barbie.” (Credits: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

In a podcast interview Smartless, Greta Gerwig revealed that it was Gosling’s performance in a segment of Weekend Update that inspired her to include him in the cast of Barbie, which proves the impact that his performances on the program have had on his professional career.

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt will hit the big screen on May 3 in Profession danger, a film that tells the story of Colt Seavers, a stuntman who, after recovering from an accident, becomes involved in the mysterious disappearance of a movie star while trying to reconnect with his ex.

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