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S8 Release Date Updates and Other Details

S8 Release Date Updates and Other Details

S8 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Anticipation Builds for NBA LIVE Mobile Season 8

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as the launch of NBA LIVE Mobile’s Season 8 approaches later this month. This new season promises to bring fresh content and gameplay enhancements, building on the legacy of its predecessor, Season 7. As we edge closer to the release, let’s delve into what players can expect in terms of feature transitions and new additions.

What Stays and What Goes

As we transition from Season 7 to Season 8, players will be pleased to know that NBA Cash and Coins will carry over, along with Players, which can be utilized in the Multi-Year Lineup. This setup is specifically designed to provide an advantage in some of the more challenging events. However, it’s important to note that these will not be integrated into other lineups.

Jerseys, Courts, and Boost Items will also make the transition, but there’s a catch. Any excess items that push your account over the Item Limit, which stands at 1350, will be removed. To avoid losing valuable assets, players are advised to manage their collections carefully by removing unnecessary items from Sets. This will ensure that only the most desired items are retained. During the rollover, any items above the limit will be converted into Credits, starting from the lowest tier items.

Items Not Making the Cut

Unfortunately, not everything from Season 7 will make it into the new season. Collectibles and Style Items will not be carried over to Season 8. However, to compensate for this, these items will be converted into Credits, which can be used to purchase Store Packs in Season 8, giving players a head start. The conversion rates for these items into credits have been outlined, with different types of tokens ranging from 1 to 7 credits based on their tier.

Auction House and Server Downtime

In preparation for Season 8, the Auction House will temporarily close starting October 19, 2023. This measure is to ensure that all existing auctions have the opportunity to conclude properly before the new season begins. Additionally, the game servers will also undergo a brief downtime just before the launch. This is a necessary step to ensure the smooth integration of the new content and to provide a stable gaming experience once the season goes live.

Stay Connected

During the downtime, players are encouraged to stay connected through NBA LIVE Mobile’s social media platforms. These channels will be the first to announce when Season 8 goes live and will provide continuous updates. The developers appreciate the community’s understanding and patience as they work diligently to enhance the gaming experience with Season 8.

Looking Ahead

The anticipation for Season 8 is palpable among the NBA LIVE Mobile community. With the carryover of key assets and the introduction of new features, the upcoming season is poised to offer an enriched gaming experience. Players are advised to finalize their preparations and stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting launch.


  • What items will carry over to NBA LIVE Mobile Season 8?
    NBA Cash, Coins, Players (for Multi-Year Lineup), Jerseys, Courts, and Boost Items will carry over, subject to the Item Limit.
  • What will happen to items over the Item Limit in NBA LIVE Mobile?
    Items exceeding the limit will be removed and converted into Credits, starting with the lowest tier items.
  • Will Collectibles and Style Items carry over to Season 8?
    No, these items will not carry over but will be converted into Credits which can be used in Season 8.
  • When will the Auction House close for Season 7?
    The Auction House will close on October 19, 2023, to ensure all auctions conclude before Season 8 begins.
  • How can I stay updated on NBA LIVE Mobile Season 8?
    Follow NBA LIVE Mobile’s social media platforms for the latest updates and announcements regarding Season 8.

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