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Salma Hayek Unveils Stunning Zoo Inside Her Home: A Must-See Experience

Recently, Mexican actress Salma Hayek surprised her fans by revealing the number of pets she has at home, many of which are exotic. It is clear that the artist has a deep love for animals.

On April 11, in honor of National Pet Day in the United States, Hayek shared a video on her Instagram showcasing the 30 animals that reside in her house, including dogs, cats, horses, llamas, owls, rabbits, and more.

In the post’s description, she wrote, “For me, every day is #NationalPetDay,” along with images of her pets at various stages of their lives.

Hayek has previously stated that all her pets were rescued by her, in an effort to promote empathy for animals and adoption rather than purchasing them for collection purposes.

Aside from her pets in the United States, Salma also has several dogs like a husky, French bulldog, and Labrador at her home in London, England.

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