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Salvors successfully remove 38 Dali containers in Baltimore

Salvation has removed approximately 38 containers of the container ship Dalí that remains fixed under the remains of the bridge Francis Scott Key in Baltimore. Removing the containers on the bow, some of which are visibly damaged after the ship attached to the bridge on March 26, is a necessary step to gain access to the steel and road surface lying across of the ship.

Authorities indicated that the removal of containers will continue in the coming days when weather permits. Underwater removal of submerged roadbed from spans 19 and 17 of the bridge has been carried out, with debris removed for recycling.

About Estee Pinchasin, commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, noted that “there has been incredible progress this week towards our goal of opening the limited access deep recruiting pipeline. Our incredible team of local, state, federal and community responders remains focused on the safe and efficient removal of debris and debris from the federal canal and waterway.”

In addition, two small channels have been opened at each end of the bridge, and although maritime traffic remains limited, 69 vessels have transited since its creation, the unified command indicated. An earlier announcement said a target had been set to open a 35-foot-deep channel for container ships up to 4,500 teu by the end of April.

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