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Santiago del Moro Shocks Fans with Photos of Model Daughter Catalina

Santiago del Moro has recently shared a new photo production featuring his daughter, Catalina, on his Instagram account. Catalina, his 13-year-old first-born daughter, ventured into a modeling career almost a year ago and has become the face of youth clothing brands. Santiago del Moro is the father of Catalina, born from his relationship with Maria Jose Sanchez, whom he has been with since adolescence when they met in their hometown of Tres Algarrobos, located in the Carlos Tejedor district in the province of Buenos Aires.

Despite maintaining a level of family discretion, Santiago del Moro openly expresses his love and support for his daughter, demonstrating pride and admiration for her accomplishments. This gesture not only exemplifies a strong parental bond but also introduces Catalina to a space of recognition and public attention. Despite hesitancy in sharing snapshots of her daily life and only showcasing some modeling gigs, Catalina already has over 40,000 followers.

On one occasion when Santiago del Moro shared photos of his daughters, Catalina’s resemblance to Lali Esposito as a child garnered attention. Referring to this resemblance, Santiago wrote, “This image was sent to me by a Lali fan. For me, it is an honor that you see something of her because we all love Lali! So talented, hard-working, and a good person!”

Catalina can be seen in various productions for clothing brands aimed at girls and teenagers through featured stories on Instagram. Santiago and Maria Jose closely monitor their daughter’s public profile on social media, restricting interactions with strangers by disabling comments on her posts.

Maria Jose Sanchez and Santiago del Moro have known each other since they were children. They were neighbors and childhood friends who eventually fell in love during their adolescence, forming a lifelong relationship. They left their hometown to seek new opportunities in Buenos Aires, focusing on their professional growth while maintaining a low profile, especially Maria Jose, despite being in a relationship with one of Argentina’s top television hosts.

In an interview, Santiago highlighted Maria Jose’s virtues, emphasizing her indifference to television, news related to him, or potential criticisms. Together, they prioritize their family’s future, acting as a cohesive team with shared goals.

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