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Savannah Soto What Happened

Savannah Soto What Happened

Savannah Soto: A Tragic End and the Ensuing Investigation

The Tragic Deaths of Savannah Soto and Matthew Guerra

In a heart-wrenching incident that shook the community of San Antonio, Savannah Soto, a pregnant 18-year-old, and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, aged 22, were found deceased under mysterious circumstances. The discovery was made on December 26, in a parking lot of a Northwest Side apartment complex, marking a grim end to their lives.

The couple was found in Guerra’s car, with both having suffered fatal gunshot wounds to the head. The case quickly escalated into a major investigation, spearheaded by the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), which led to the arrest of a father and son duo, Christopher and Ramon Preciado, who are now facing serious charges in connection with the deaths.

Investigation and Arrests

The investigation into the deaths of Soto and Guerra took a significant turn when SAPD detectives managed to recover a critical piece of evidence—a cellphone belonging to one of the victims. This cellphone, found in the vehicle where the bodies were discovered, had recent searches for an address that was linked to the suspects. Surveillance footage and further investigative work led authorities to the Preciados’ residence, culminating in their arrest.

Christopher Preciado, 19, has been charged with capital murder among other charges, while his father, Ramon Preciado, 53, faces charges related to the mishandling of a corpse. The involvement of the father in allegedly aiding his son to conceal the crime added a layer of complexity to the already tragic case.

The Night of the Incident

Details emerged from the arrest warrant affidavit that on the night of December 21, Guerra had visited the Preciado residence purportedly to sell marijuana. An altercation ensued during which, according to Christopher Preciado’s account to the police, Guerra brandished a gun. Christopher claimed to have “manipulated the weapon,” accidentally causing it to discharge and fatally wound Soto. In a subsequent struggle, Guerra was also shot.

This version of events, however, has been met with skepticism by authorities, who suggest that the evidence may point towards a premeditated act. The involvement of drugs and previous threats against Guerra for his involvement in narcotics sales added further motives for the crime.

Legal Proceedings and Community Reaction

The arrests brought a mixed reaction from the community, with many expressing relief that suspects were apprehended while also grieving the tragic loss of lives, including that of an unborn child, whom the couple had planned to name Fabian. The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office is now preparing to take the case forward, with potential additional charges being considered given the death of the unborn child.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and Bexar County Criminal District Attorney Joe D. Gonzales have both highlighted the diligent work of the detectives involved in bringing the suspects to justice. The community, while shaken, has shown resilience and a strong desire for justice to be served.

Implications and Ongoing Investigations

The case continues to develop as more details emerge and the legal process unfolds. The SAPD and the District Attorney’s office are working closely to ensure a thorough review of all facts before proceeding to trial. The community continues to support the families of the victims through this challenging time, hoping for closure and justice.

The tragic end of Savannah Soto and Matthew Guerra is a stark reminder of the complexities surrounding cases of violent crime and the profound impact they have on families and communities. As the legal proceedings continue, many are hopeful that justice will ultimately prevail.


  • What charges are the suspects facing?
    Christopher Preciado is charged with capital murder, among other charges. Ramon Preciado is charged with abuse of a corpse and other related charges.
  • How were the suspects apprehended?
    Investigators used a critical piece of evidence found at the crime scene, a cellphone, which led them to the suspects’ residence.
  • What was the motive behind the crime?
    The exact motive is still under investigation, but initial reports suggest a drug deal gone wrong might have been a factor.
  • Will there be additional charges?
    The District Attorney’s office is considering additional charges, especially concerning the death of the unborn child.
  • How has the community reacted to these events?
    The community has been supportive of the victims’ families and is hopeful for justice to be served.
  • What are the next steps in the legal process?
    The case is being prepared for trial, with ongoing investigations to gather more evidence.

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