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Severe Storms Threaten States from Missouri to Texas as Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma, Urging Residents to Seek Shelter

A tornado outbreak in Oklahoma caused damage and prompted calls to take cover as severe tornado-spawning storms threatened more twisters, heavy rain, and large hail from Missouri to Texas Sunday. Multiple large and extremely dangerous tornadoes were reported on the ground simultaneously overnight, causing injuries, property damage, flooding, and downed power lines and trees across several counties in Oklahoma. Nearly 47 million people are at risk for severe weather Sunday from east Texas northward into the upper Mississippi River Valley as cities across the southern Plains, including Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Kansas City, could see strong tornadoes. The Storm Prediction Center raised the severe storm threat level for Sunday to a level 3 out of 5 from eastern Texas to southern Missouri, with unsettled weather expected to continue across the midsection of the country into Monday. Numerous tornadoes wreaked havoc in Nebraska and Iowa, causing severe damage to homes and communities, with several tornadoes touching down and leaving behind a path of destruction. Residents are now faced with the aftermath and efforts to rebuild their homes and communities.


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