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Shocker Admitted to Julio César Chávez’s Clinic Unaware of Destination

Jair Soria, better known as “Shocker” has entered the rehabilitation clinic of Julio Cesar Chavez after recent incidents where he was under the influence of illicit substances. His partner mentioned that the fighter did not know where he was going and was informed by his family that he had a work commitment in Culiacán.

Two weeks ago, Shocker made headlines again when he was seen leaving a hotel in Oaxaca with police escort after causing disturbances. The images went viral as he was in his underwear and seemed affected by substance consumption.

The fighter’s girlfriend, Gisela Jiménez Franco, shared that Shocker was able to regain his freedom by reaching an agreement with the hotel owner regarding damages caused. She expressed concerns about his addiction and mentioned his recent admission to a rehabilitation center.

Gisela revealed that Shocker is now in Culiacán at Julio César Chávez’s rehabilitation center. Although they had to deceive him into thinking he had a fight scheduled in Three Rivers to get him there, he has agreed to undergo treatment.

She emphasized that Shocker will undergo a six-month treatment program before being considered for release from rehabilitation and highlighted that Julio César Chávez is not charging for the services, except for any medication required during the stay.

Additionally, it was mentioned that Shocker’s journey to recovery will involve a complete psychological process to ensure his well-being.

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