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Siamese Twins Lori L. and George A. Schappell Pass Away

The world has lost the oldest conjoined twins, Lori L. and George A. Schappell, who died last Sunday, April 7, at the age of 62 at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, as confirmed by the Guinness World Records (GWR) and the Leibensperger Funeral Homes in Leesport, in charge of their funeral, to the media. Although they did not give details about the cause of his death.

The Schappell brothers were born on September 18, 1961 in West Reading, Pennsylvania. Although they had different brains, they were joined by the skull, although they shared blood vessels and had a rare condition known as craniopagus twins, representing only 2-6% in conjoined twins.

Additionally, George had spina bifida; Therefore, he was ten centimeters (four inches) shorter than his twin; Therefore, he had to be pushed, by his relative, on a bench with wheels adapted for his mobility.

Lori L. and George A. Schappell.

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Despite having to share their lives, they fought to have an independent life; in fact, George was born a woman, whose name was Dori; However, he said he identified as male and changed his name to George. He also followed his dream as a country singer and, in 2007, made various appearances throughout the United States.

For her part, Lori considered herself very feminine and had several courtships; She even publicly revealed that she had lost her virginity at age 23 and was engaged to be married; However, her boyfriend died.

When they came of age, they went through a process to go to university; Although they lived together, each one had a room and their own interests. They both respected the decisions they made separately.

Lori L. Schappell and George A. Schappell now rest in peace, but they left a legacy of strength and determination despite adversity.

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