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Slaughterhouse Escapee Goes on Rampage, Attacking Employees in Disturbing Video

The cow attacked the employees Credits: Special

A longhorn cow attacked after managing to escape just as it was entered into a room inside a slaughterhouse. The moment was recorded by a pair of security cameras placed to monitor the interior of the place where there are even some pieces of meat hanging waiting to be processed for sale.

By: The Herald

In the footage broadcast on social networks, it is observed when the cow arrived under control as it was tied and lowered by one of the workers, who suddenly slipped on the wet floor, which caused him to lose control of the animal that he began to search for. escape from his captors.

The cow attacked the slaughterhouse workers

The cow took advantage of the worker’s accident to try to escape from being tied. Although the slaughterhouse employee tried to control the calf again by subduing it by grabbing the rope from the head, it only caused the animal to become enraged and make sudden movements to free itself from it.

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