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SNL’s Colin Jost Concludes Fiery White House Correspondents’ Roast with Genuine Biden Endorsement

Colin Jost, known for his role on ‘Weekend Update’ on SNL, delivered a mildly entertaining roast at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He poked fun at President Biden’s age, referencing his moments of confusion and viral stumbles. Jost also joked about the media’s portrayal of Biden and Trump, highlighting how the race was surprisingly close despite their stark differences. He made quips about newspapers, AI replacing journalists, and even delved into dark humor briefly. Despite some edgy jokes, Jost’s roast seemed tame compared to other comedians at the event, and he ended with a heartfelt tribute to his grandfather. President Biden followed with his own set, addressing concerns about his age and contrasting himself with Trump. He emphasized the seriousness of the upcoming election and called for unity in facing the challenges ahead.


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