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Social Security USA 2024: Beneficiaries Set to Receive Double Payments in May | BSCapital Social Security

The Social Security Administration is currently distributing April payments and is preparing to send out May payments. According to the calendar, the beneficiaries of the Supplemental Income Insurance (SSI) are scheduled to receive two payments in May. This is because, according to the payment schedule of the SSA, SSI deposits are made on the first day of each month, as usual, with an additional payment at the end of May.

Taking into account that June 1st falls on a Saturday, SSI payment is advanced and ships on May 31. This means that beneficiaries will receive two payments in May, but they will not receive any payment in June since the payment corresponding to that month is advanced. This is considered to advance the sending of payments, generally to the last Friday of the previous month, which results in beneficiaries receiving two payments in one month.

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