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Sofía Vergara announces her new love with a passionate declaration

After her high-profile divorce with Joe Manganiello, Sofía Vergara is ready to continue with her life, specifically with her sentimental life, which is why after a few months single, she has decided to give herself a new chance at love with a handsome American surgeon.

For a few months, the actress had sparked suspicions of a possible romance, after appearing on several occasions with the doctor Justin Saliman; However, this weekend, the protagonist of “Modern Family” surprised the entire world by declare your love in the social networks.

Through her Instagram profile and from her bed, where she is recovering from a knee operation, Sofía shared a photograph of the lucky man, in which she not only praised his professional skills; Instead, she confessed that she has received extremely personalized care, to the point that the doctor stayed in the room to take care of her: “If you ever have (major) knee surgery, make sure you get an attractive doctor to sleep with you tonight.”, wrote.

However, what really caught the attention of users and the general public was the phrase with which she ended the message and in which she revealed that she is deeply in love: “I love you Dr. Justin Saliman.”

Vergara and Saliman were first spotted in October 2023, just three months after she announced their separation.

At that time, a source close to the host also revealed to “People” magazine that the couple was getting to know each other: “Sofía enjoys life. She seems positive and full of energy.”

Since then, both have been seen on several occasions, the last being on March 29, when they went out to dinner in Los Angeles.

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