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Sofía Vergara publicly declares her love for her boyfriend: “I love you, doctor”

It seems that Sofía Vergara’s romance with Justin Saliman is very serious.

After being married for seven years to Joe Manganiello in July 2023, Sofia Vergara announced her definitive separation from the actor. Some time later, it was revealed that the famous woman had started a romantic relationship with the orthopedic surgeon, Justin Saliman. The protagonist of the series Griselda had to undergo knee surgery and was treated, precisely, by her brand new boyfriend. For this reason, the artist of Colombian origin took the opportunity to thank him for his care, while declaring how much she loves him.

“If you ever have surgery [mayor] knee, make sure you get an attractive doctor to sleep with you tonight,” Vergara wrote in a story on her Instagram account. “I love you Dr. Justin Saliman.”

He accompanied the message with an image of Saliman, in his doctor’s uniform, touching a leg, which appears to be that of Sofia Vergara. In fact, this famous woman later revealed two more stories, one shows her son Manolo opening a gift.

In another, she is lying on a couch with a pink outfit, a sheet and her leg with bandages, some tubes and a device on; She is hugging her puppy with one of her arms and with her hand she is holding a pop stick.

Everything seems to indicate that the reality judge America’s Got Talent will have to spend several weeks recovering after having knee surgery, although he is doing it hand in hand with his romantic partner.

Sofía Vergara seems to have found love again in the arms of Justin Saliman; although she has made it clear that she is not interested in marrying again.

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