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Sons Of The Forest Console Release Date Updates and Other Details

Sons Of The Forest Console Release Date Updates and Other Details

Sons Of The Forest Console Release Date Updates and Other Details

Sons Of The Forest: Anticipating the Console Release

As the gaming community continues to explore the chilling and thrilling world of “Sons of the Forest” on PC, many console players are eagerly awaiting news on when they can join in on the survival horror adventure. Developed by Endnight Games, “Sons of the Forest” serves as the sequel to the popular 2018 game “The Forest”. While the original game eventually made its way to PlayStation consoles, Xbox users were left waiting. The question now is: will “Sons of the Forest” follow the same path?

Currently, “Sons of the Forest” is available exclusively on PC as an Early Access title. This phase is expected to last between six to eight months, aiming for a full release. The focus for Endnight Games is clearly set on refining the PC version before branching out to consoles. However, the developer has expressed a keen interest in expanding the game to console platforms in the future.

Console Release Possibilities

Given the history of “The Forest”, which was ported to PlayStation 4 after its initial PC release, there is a precedent for a PlayStation release of “Sons of the Forest”. Xbox players, however, may have to wait and see if Endnight Games decides to expand their reach to include both major console platforms this time around. The decision will likely depend on the success and reception of the game’s full PC release.

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding a specific release date for “Sons of the Forest” on either PlayStation or Xbox consoles. The development team’s current priority is to ensure the PC version is fully polished and complete. This strategic focus is understandable, considering the game’s ambitious scope and the high expectations set by its predecessor.

What to Expect from Sons of the Forest

“Sons of the Forest” enhances the survival horror experience with improved mechanics and more intense gameplay. Players find themselves stranded on a mysterious island, tasked with surviving against a host of dangers, including mutated cannibals. The game builds on the foundation laid by “The Forest” with new features, smarter enemy behavior, and expanded building mechanics.

The addition of voice actor Shawn Ashmore as Timmy, a character with a significantly expanded role in the sequel, adds a layer of depth to the storytelling. Ashmore’s previous work in games like “Quantum Break” and movies such as the “X-Men” series brings a familiar voice to the eerie, immersive world that Endnight Games is known for.

Looking Ahead: The Road to Console Release

While the exact timeline for when “Sons of the Forest” will land on consoles remains unclear, the completion of the Early Access phase on PC will be a critical milestone. Should the game maintain its current trajectory of positive reception and robust sales, the likelihood of a console version increases. PlayStation users might have an edge based on historical precedence, but the possibility of an Xbox version cannot be discounted.

For now, console players should keep an eye on updates from Endnight Games following the official move from Early Access to full release, projected around February 2024. This period will likely provide more concrete information regarding potential console versions and release timelines.


“Sons of the Forest” promises to be an exciting continuation of the harrowing survival story that began with “The Forest”. As PC players delve into the depths of the game’s chilling narrative and expansive world, console players have good reason to remain hopeful for future announcements. The anticipation builds as Endnight Games works towards completing the definitive version of what is shaping up to be another hit in the survival horror genre.


  • Is “Sons of the Forest” available on consoles now?
    No, currently it is only available on PC as an Early Access game.
  • When can we expect “Sons of the Forest” to release on consoles?
    There is no official release date yet. Updates are expected post the PC version’s full release.
  • Will “Sons of the Forest” be available on both PlayStation and Xbox?
    While there is a higher likelihood of a PlayStation release, the possibility of an Xbox version has not been ruled out.
  • What new features does “Sons of the Forest” offer?
    The game introduces enhanced survival mechanics, smarter enemies, and more complex building options.
  • Who is voicing Timmy in “Sons of the Forest”?
    Shawn Ashmore is voicing Timmy, expanding his role in the game’s storyline.

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