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Spectacular Party: Guests at the April Fair of ‘El Turronero’

Many parties and events take place within the social scene, attended by celebrities and personalities. One renowned organizer of such events is José Luis López Fernández, known as ‘El Turronero’. The president and founder of the López Mariscal Foundation has a great reputation for organizing events like the Christmas meal he hosted last December, attended by guests like Bertín Osborne, Víctor Janeiro, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Lourdes Montes, and Cayetano Martínez de Irujo.

Seville has been celebrating the April Fair with great enthusiasm. People from Seville and beyond dress in their finest attire to enjoy this festive occasion. ‘El Turronero’ organized a grand party in one of the booths at the fair, inviting many of his closest friends to join in the celebration.

Jose Luis Lopez, also known as ‘The Turronero’, hosted a lavish party at the April Fair in Seville. He greeted his guests with warmth and joy as they arrived at the booth where the event was held.

María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal attended the party together, dressed elegantly but not in traditional suits. This was one of the rare public appearances by María and Inmaculada since the recent arrest of Antonio Tejado, María’s nephew. The couple showed support for their friend ‘El Turronero’ by attending his event.

Fran Rivera and Lourdes Montes were among the first famous faces to arrive at the party. Fran wore a simple navy blue suit, while Lourdes stood out in a light lilac dress with polka dots and an eggplant-violet mantilla. Pepa Muñoz, the restaurant owner, also attended the fair in a colorful ensemble, greeting José Luis López with joy.

Jaime Martínez Bordiú arrived with his wife Marta Fernández, both dressed elegantly for the occasion. Marta’s vibrant dress complemented Jaime’s classic suit. Actor Álex González arrived in style by carriage, wearing a light gray suit and sunglasses. Mother-daughter duo Paz Padilla and Anna Ferrer Padilla also attended the event, dressed impeccably for the festive occasion.

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