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Spider-Gwen’s Status Altered in the Marvel Universe with Unexpected Turn of Events

Spider-Gwen will take a big step to join the official canon, but she will leave something behind forever

Spider-Gwen receives an important change with an unusual twist in the Marvel Universe

Spider-Gwen is the best-known female version of the Spider-Verse. A new comic series that Spider-Gwen will star alone in Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider #1 will make an important change from the heroine of Marvel regarding its most common scenario. A preview of the upcoming debut issue shows the reaction to its arrival on the Tierra-616, which will be established as something definitive over time. Instead of being a heroine Spider-Verse limited to her own world as she used to do, Spider-Gwen will change her life completely to join the official Marvel canon.

Belonging to Earth-65, this version of Gwen Stacy made her debut in 2014 in the comic Edge of Spider-Verse #2. Although the publisher did not have many expectations for her, Spider-Gwen quickly became one of the favorite versions of Spider-Man among fans, in addition to gaining notable popularity since her adventures on the big screen with the premiere of Spider-Man: a new universe. Now, Ghost Spider will jump universes to reach Earth-616 along with the rest of the heroes of Marvel including Miles Morales and Silk.

Preview shows Spider-Gwen fighting criminals, while witnesses seem surprised to see her in this new setting. Miles Morales and Silk make brief appearances in the issue, but have yet to interact with the heroine in any noticeable way. According to what The House of Ideas has confirmed about the series, there’s probably a reason why Gwen Stacy hasn’t finished settling yet. For now, there are more questions than answers, but the life of Gwen Stacy has been full of confusion over the last few years. So this shouldn’t be strange at all. This is the official synopsis shared by Marvel:

Trapped in 616… Forever! Welcome to NY! Gwen Stacy really becomes Spider-Ghost when he moves full-time to the universe where Gwen Stacy died years ago. But…why did she leave Earth-65? Why is it assumed that the rest of Spider-Man They don’t know it’s here? Why is she not supposed to behave like a heroine? And who will get hurt when he does?

Initially, Miles Morales originally existed within the Ultimate Universe, before it was definitively established in the canon. Miles Morales’ move was facilitated by major changes in the Multiverse as the concept was established in Marvel Comics. Now, Gwen Stacy could be going through this difficulty in a similar way. Despite this, the young Spider-Man has been able to successfully make a name for itself since its merger with the main universe, paving the way for Spider-Gwen to have the same opportunity.

The comic Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider #1 will be available on May 22.

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