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Spider-Man Unveils New Codename

Spider-Goblin will arrive in the Marvel Universe as the darker version of Peter Parker. After a while of progress without knowing very well what was going to happen, Marvel has given Spider-Man a new position along with a renewed code name. Spider-Man will stop being the spider hero that everyone knows in order to make Spider-Goblin. The feud of Peter Parker and Green Goblin may be the best known of Marvel as well as in DC, it is the one where they star Batman and Joker. After killing Gwen Stacy at a crucial stage in Spider-Man’s life, Norman Osborn managed to push Peter Parker to the limit of his emotions.

This led Peter Parker to question his role as a hero, as he actually vowed to avenge Gwen Stacy’s death by killing the Green Goblin. Now, the two are about to merge into a terrifying new appearance in which Spider-Man will become your worst nightmare. The birth of Peter Parker as Spider-Goblin will take place in the next comic The Amazing Spider-Man #53 which will be published by Marvel.

The reality is that Spider-Man’s new appearance fits perfectly with the classic Green Goblin design, while maintaining the Spider-Man essence at the same time. For this reason, the suit maintains the most significant elements of Spider-Man. The design represents a brutal mix between hero and villain, and it is something that could mean problems for the enemies that Spider-Goblin can chase.

Still, this won’t be the first time Peter Parker and the Duende Verde merge as a single entity. Peter Parker has already found the wilder side of him in the past after being administered the sins of Norman Osborn, converting to Spider-Man in a Green Goblin version. Spider-Man was finally freed from Norman Osborn’s burden as he returned to the original Green Goblin. Still, this story will pick up the final climax of the darkest story of Peter Parker. Spider-Man will not only have to face the monster that he was, but he will also take on a role as Marvel’s definitive Green Goblin.

Although the first assumptions made suggest that Peter Parker will turn evil once again, it is also possible that Spider-Man has chosen this new appearance to combat the return of his greatest enemy. This seems like a very unlikely theory, but it would serve as a fitting conclusion to Peter Parker’s villain arc in his final return as a hero. The creation of the Spider-Goblin figure would be a perfect way for Marvel to put Spider-Man’s darker past behind him and allow him to face his inner demons once and for all.

The comic The Amazing Spider-Man #53 will be released in July this year. Join the conversation.

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