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Splatoon 3 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Splatoon 3 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Splatoon 3 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Splatoon 3: Latest Updates and Enhancements

As of April 17, 2024, Splatoon 3 enthusiasts are encouraged to download the latest software update to enhance their gaming experience. This update, identified as Version 7.2.0, is crucial for those looking to utilize the game’s online features, which require a Nintendo Switch Online membership. It’s important to note that all players must be on the same software version to enjoy multiplayer games together.

The update process is straightforward. Players should connect their Nintendo Switch console to the internet, select the Splatoon 3 icon from the HOME Menu without launching the game, and choose ‘Software Update’, then ‘Via the Internet’. Post update, the new version number will be displayed on the title screen, ensuring players are up-to-date.

What’s New in Version 7.2.0?

The latest update brings significant changes to the multiplayer gameplay. Adjustments have been made to the terrain of Undertow Spillway across all modes, and several main and special weapons have undergone specification changes to balance the gameplay and enhance user experience. For instance, weapons like the Sploosh-o-matic and Splattershot Pro have seen improvements in damage and ease of handling, making them more effective during gameplay.

Special weapons such as the Big Bubbler and Splattercolor Screen have also been tweaked. The Big Bubbler now offers increased durability against attacks, and the Splattercolor Screen now poses a higher risk to opponents, making strategic gameplay more crucial than ever. Additionally, the points required to activate certain special weapons have been adjusted, allowing for more frequent use and dynamic battle strategies.

Addressing Bugs and Enhancements

Alongside the weapon and gameplay modifications, Version 7.2.0 also addresses several bugs to improve player experience. Issues such as charger shots hitting the ground unexpectedly and brella canopies disappearing prematurely have been resolved. Multiplayer and Salmon Run modes have seen specific fixes, such as correcting the tower progression in Tower Control mode and ensuring Golden Eggs behave as expected in Salmon Run.

Other general fixes include enhancements to player controls, ensuring smoother and more reliable gameplay. For instance, the update has corrected issues where certain actions would disrupt the game flow, such as special abilities not activating correctly or players experiencing unstable aim during critical moments.

Looking Ahead: Future Updates

The development team at Nintendo has already outlined plans for the next update, scheduled for the end of the current season. This forthcoming update is expected to focus primarily on weapon balance adjustments and introducing new features for the Sizzle Season 2024. Moreover, adjustments will be made to the ranking system, particularly affecting how rank changes are handled at the season’s switch to streamline the matchmaking process in X Battles.

For those keen on staying ahead, keeping an eye on official announcements and ensuring their game is up-to-date is advisable. These updates not only enhance the gameplay but also ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players involved.


  • How do I update Splatoon 3 on my Nintendo Switch?
    Connect your console to the internet, select the Splatoon 3 icon from the HOME Menu, press the + or – Button, and select ‘Software Update’ followed by ‘Via the Internet’.
  • Is a Nintendo Switch Online membership required for updates?
    No, the membership is not required for updates, but it is necessary to use the game’s online features.
  • What happens if I don’t update Splatoon 3?
    You may not be able to use online features or play with others who have updated their game to the latest version.
  • Can I revert back to an older version of Splatoon 3 after updating?
    Once updated, you cannot revert to an older version of the game.
  • What are the major changes in the latest Splatoon 3 update?
    Major changes include adjustments to weapon specifications, multiplayer terrain modifications, and numerous bug fixes aimed at improving the overall gameplay experience.
  • When is the next Splatoon 3 update scheduled?
    The next update is planned for the end of the current season, focusing on weapon balance and new features for the upcoming Sizzle Season 2024.

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