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Supreme Court to Determine Trump’s Immunity in Election Case

The Supreme Court appears likely to reject Trump’s claim of absolute immunity for election interference, potentially delaying his trial beyond the 2024 election. Justices questioned immunity, suggesting lower courts might need to clarify. The timing of the decision is crucial, influencing a potential trial start. The court’s actions indicate a delay, with Trump’s appointees showing some support for immunity. The court is considering whether former presidents are above the law, with Trump’s arguments being scrutinized. The court could either allow a trial to proceed or halt it by declaring immunity for former presidents.
Mark Sherman reports the Supreme Court’s decision on whether to try Trump after the last election. Lower courts have rejected Trump’s immunity claims. The court’s rejection of Trump’s prior immunity claims suggests a decision on his current situation could go either way. Concerns about delays and implications for future presidencies are raised. Critics argue the court should not have taken the case or should proceed more quickly. The court may end Smith’s prosecution or determine the boundaries of immunity for former presidents before deciding on Trump’s case.


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