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Sydney Knife Attack Perpetrator Unmasked

Six days before entering a Sydney shopping center armed with a knife and starting stabbing everyone in his path, Joel Cauchi, 40, posted in a Facebook group that he was looking for surfing buddies in the popular Bondi Beach.

Around two and a half kilometers from that beach in eastern Sydney is Westfield Bondi Junction, a five-story luxury shopping center, very busy as it has a busy metro station inside. It was there that Cauchi, around 3:20 p.m. on Saturday, murdered six people, including five women and a man, and injured another dozen.

The attacker was carrying a 30-centimeter-long hunting knife. A police inspector, Amy Scott, who was on duty doing a routine inspection in the area at the time of the attack, confronted Cauchi alone, shooting him down with her service weapon when he lunged at her with the knife. The murderer died instantly. “(Scott) is a hero who certainly saved many lives,” Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said during a news conference Saturday night.

This Sunday morning, the Australian police revealed the identity of the attacker. Cauchi is from the Australian state of Queensland and had recently moved to New South Wales, where Sydney is located, although he had no fixed residence. Investigators have noted that Cauchi had mental health problems. “She was living with schizophrenia,” said New South Wales Police Deputy Commissioner Anthony Cook. To read the full note, click

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