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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spotted Together: A Potential New Romance?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are continuing to enjoy their vacation after being spotted together at the Coachella festival. However, the couple was caught in a romantic and passionate moment as they shared a daring kiss and Kelce couldn’t keep his hands off Swift backstage.

In a circulating video on social media, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were seen sharing a romantic moment with locked lips at the exclusive event. They both had drinks in hand but were more focused on each other.

The couple shared kisses and danced backstage while cheering on Taylor’s collaborator Jack Antonoff and Ice Spice. Many were surprised to see them at Coachella after having Sushi dinner in Los Angeles the previous Friday.

Travis Kelce fueled rumors of a pregnancy with Taylor Swift while praising the height of basketball star Victor Wembanyama on his podcast. He expressed his desire to have a child as tall as Wembanyama.

After making the comment, Travis’ brother quickly intervened to prevent any conspiracy theories about having a child with Taylor Swift. Fans of the couple on social media reacted to Kelce’s comments with some speculating about a new addition to the Kelce family.

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