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Taylor Swift’s Reaction to Ryan Gosling’s Cover of “All Too Well” on SNL

The actor who plays Ken in “Barbie” opened the program with a monologue that featured Emily Blunt as a guest.

During his most recent appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” Ryan Gosling y Emily Blunt surprised by performing a unique version of the hit “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift, belonging to the singer’s “Red” era. This gesture did not go unnoticed by Swift, who expressed her approval and enthusiasm through a post on X, where she highlighted the possibility of “accidentally” adopting this version of her in her future performances.

Ryan began his participation in the program by assuring that he would not make any more jokes about Ken, but it did not take long for him to betray his word. In fact, the actor changed the lyrics of All Too Well to talk about the adventures that his character experienced in the film Barbie.

“I destroyed Venice Beach it’s true / My clothes were tight / But something about that lycra fit me so well / I left my skates in that big pink house / But I still have that fur coat and I’ll wear it right now / If I said I was doing well You know I’d be lying / ‘Cause I was just Ken and now I’m just Ryan” Ryan sang until Blunt interrupted him with a bottle on the head to give him a “gentle reminder” that he should leave his Ken side behind.

The presentation quickly went viral and soon reached the eyes of Taylor, who shared the following message on her official X account:

“All Too Well (Ryan and Emily Version)! Be careful not to be caught accidentally singing this version during the tour. This monologue is EVERYTHING!”

It is worth mentioning that Gosling’s connection with the song “All Too Well” dates back to a Super Bowl ad for “The Fall Guy”, where he was seen immersed in the emotionality of the lyrics, demonstrating his familiarity with Swift’s work.

The interaction between Gosling and Blunt on stage served as a fun critique of their roles in the much-discussed films “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” which dominated the summer’s cultural conversation. As mentioned previously, this segment alluded to the idea of ​​saying goodbye to their characters in these films, while dancers dressed as the characters from both films complemented the performance.

Gosling’s performance and Taylor Swift’s response occurred while one of the largest music festivals on the planet was taking place in California: Coachella to which the pop star attended as one of the audience in the company of her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

In a video that quickly went viral, the couple was seen very close to each other Sabrina Carpenter y Barry Keoghan, who for a long time were involved in rumors that they were having a romance. Now, the video of his appearance at the festival confirms it.

The quartet got together to enjoy the show Ice Spice. The Grammy-winning singer for Best New Artist has developed a strong friendship with Swift, in fact, during the gala that awards the highlights of music, they spent practically the entire night together.

Ice Spice also collaborated with Swift on a new version of one of her most famous pieces: “Karma.”

At Coachella, Taylor and Travis were also seen in the audience at the Bleachers a group to which another close friend of Taylor belongs: Jack Antonoff who has served as producer throughout his entire discography.

Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox y Halle Bailey were some other celebrities who were present at Coachella during its most recent edition.

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