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Tbhk Reboot Release Date Updates and Other Details

Tbhk Reboot Release Date Updates and Other Details

Tbhk Reboot Release Date Updates and Other Details

Tbhk Reboot Release Date Updates and Other Details

Mark your calendars! The much-anticipated reboot of the horror anime series “After-School Hanako-kun” is set to premiere on October 13, 2023. This announcement has ignited excitement among fans who have been eagerly awaiting the return of this beloved series. The reboot, officially titled “After-School Hanako-kun,” promises a fresh take on the original story, complete with a new creative team and updated visuals.

What to Expect from the Reboot

Under the direction of Masaki Kitamura and with Studio Lerche at the helm, the reboot of “After-School Hanako-kun” is expected to delve deeper into the eerie and enchanting world of Kamome Academy. The script, penned by Kazuma Nagatomo, alongside character designs by Aya Higami and a mesmerizing soundtrack by Hiroshi Takaki, sets the stage for a captivating revival of the series. The reboot will kick off with its first episode premiering globally, ensuring that fans from all corners of the world can join in on the supernatural adventures from day one.

The opening theme song remains shrouded in mystery, adding to the anticipation, while the ending theme “Koi! Koi Koi” promises to be a melodious treat, featuring the voices of the talented female leads. This blend of new artistic direction and musical enchantment is poised to breathe new life into the series, making it a must-watch for both new and returning fans.

Global Release Schedule

The global fanbase won’t have to wait long as the series is set to air on October 12, 2023, in various time zones. Thanks to Crunchyroll, viewers outside Japan can enjoy the premiere at the following times: 10:30 AM Pacific Time, 12:30 PM Central Time, 1:30 PM Eastern Time, and 6:30 PM British Summer Time. Indian fans can catch the premiere at 11:00 PM Indian Standard Time. This worldwide release ensures that international fans can experience the excitement simultaneously.

Background and Synopsis

“After-School Hanako-kun” is based on the manga by Aidalro, which has captivated readers with its unique blend of horror and humor. The story revolves around Nene Yashiro, a high school student with a fascination for the occult, who accidentally summons Hanako-san of the Toilet, a mysterious spirit dwelling in the school’s bathroom. Instead of the expected female ghost, she encounters a boy, leading to a series of supernatural events and mysteries that the duo must solve.

The original anime adaptation aired in 2020 and quickly became a fan favorite, noted for its distinctive art style and engaging storytelling. This reboot not only aims to capture the essence of the original but also to expand on its narrative and explore deeper into the characters’ backstories and the mystical world they inhabit.

Additional Media and Future Prospects

Alongside the anime, the “Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun” manga continues to be published, with new volumes on the horizon that promise to delve deeper into the lore of Kamome Academy’s Seven Mysteries. Fans of the print media can look forward to more thrilling and mysterious stories from creator Aidalro.

With the reboot’s release, the franchise is set to reach new heights. Potential future projects and seasons could further explore the intricate relationships and dark pasts of the characters, offering more content for fans to enjoy.


The reboot of “After-School Hanako-kun” is poised to be a significant event in the anime world, bringing together a blend of horror, mystery, and a touch of romance. With its global release and a talented team behind the project, the series is sure to captivate a wide audience, making it one of the most anticipated releases of the year.


  • When will “After-School Hanako-kun” premiere?
    The reboot is scheduled to premiere on October 13, 2023, in Japan and October 12, 2023, internationally.
  • Where can I watch the reboot?
    The series will be available for streaming exclusively on Crunchyroll.
  • Will the original cast return for the reboot?
    The reboot features a new creative team and cast, bringing fresh voices to the beloved characters.
  • How many episodes will the reboot have?
    The exact number of episodes has not been announced yet.
  • Is the manga still ongoing?
    Yes, the “Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun” manga by Aidalro is still being published, with more volumes expected to be released.

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