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Thailand Mail Order Brides: Find Thai Wife Online Easy

Thailand Mail Order Brides: Find Thai Wife Online Easy

International marriages have been known for centuries, especially in Asian countries where women consider family a special value. Therefore, many western men pay lots of attention to Thai mail order brides known for their loyalty and obedience. They hope to meet Thai women for marriage who’ll conquer their hearts forever and become excellent homemakers, support, and mothers to children. But how to find a Thai wife if you’re separated by thousands of miles? The only right answer is Thailand mail order bride services.

Top websites to find a Thai mail order bride or girlfriend

  • Easternhoneys — an established online dating site to meet a Thai woman
  • Orchidromance— one of the best Thai girlfriend dating sites
  • AsianMelodies— a great place to start your online dating journey for a Thai girlfriend
  • The LuckyDate —   a number-one dating website to meet the most gorgeous Thailand woman
  • Asiansingles — a popular online destination to find a single Thai mail order bride

Who are Thai mail order brides?

Women who can’t meet a worthy partner in Thailand and dream of a happy family with a loving and reliable man from another country have received the name of Thailand mail order brides. These are single ladies who register on specialized dating websites that provide conditions for online interaction with guys from different corners of the world and try to find a soulmate with common interests and life goals. The main peculiarity of Thai online brides is the readiness to leave their motherland and move abroad hand-in-hand with a husband. Some interesting facts:

  • Most Thai brides make obedient and caring wives
  • It’s a pleasure for Thai girls to communicate with western guys
  • Many Thai women dream of being perfect partners and marry foreigners
Success rate76%
Cities with Thai singlesBangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai
Thai bride average cost$8,000
Thai beauties’ average marriage age26
Divorce rate36%

How and where to get a Thai mail order bride?

Vast oceanic waters and borders between the countries make many males wonder how to marry a Thai woman in such a big distance. It used to be a problem before the Internet became the best way to find a Thai bride. The only challenge faced in this case is the choice of the right dating site to meet Thai girls online.

There are lots of Asian online dating sites, but only a small percentage of girls there wish to build family relationships. Therefore, the main focus should be made on the platforms with Thailand women for marriage. Such websites are called mail order bride services and are launched by international marriage agencies to attract girls longing for serious and goal-oriented relationships. How to order a Thailand bride through this service? Men can join mail order platforms and look for Thai wives online at their own pace until they meet the one once and for all! When this happens, the service can provide extra solutions to help the couple meet each other and unite to feel the most of being in happy and full of love romantic relationships.

How to find Thai mail order brides or single Thai women online

Beautiful Thai brides seem to be so far away until you find reputable international dating sites. The Internet erases borders when you join one of the following online dating services.

🔥 AsianMelodies

Being one of the top visited dating websites, AsianMelodies is a popular online destination with over 6k girls online no matter when you access it. This site attracts many Thai women who aren’t afraid of cultural differences and hope to start a happy family life with men overseas. 

What can you expect to see on this Thai dating website? You can join it in a matter of minutes and start discovering free features including browsing girls’ profiles and applying search filters for getting a perfect match. Liking Asian girls’ profiles, you can attract their attention, but only communication can help you to approach them, so use either instant chatting or lengthy mails for contacting them. Men also appreciate a weekly matches feature and gift delivery service too.

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🔥 Easternhoneys

If you want to facilitate your acquaintance with Thai ladies, you should check EasternHoneys. This platform can be accessed in 5 minutes and for free, so you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful photos and videos of beautiful Thai women almost immediately. The range of singles is really impressive on this site, so the chances to find a compatible partner there are very high.

Many Thai girls registered there pay special attention to the quality of profiles, so you can learn lots of interesting things about each girl prior to contacting her. Furthermore, you can apply filters and see profiles only of those ladies who correspond with your criteria of an ideal match. Socializing is possible via chat and mail on this site too.

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🔥 Orchidromace

Another example of online dating platforms is OrchidRomance. This is a website with numerous Asian womenand a wide range of different features. What should you like about this platform? Undoubtedly, it’s a diversity of popular Thai girls profiles and a variety of options to enjoy.

This dating platform allows socializing in a chat and by mail, send virtual presents, and arrange real dates! The most adorable Thai women can be added to a contact list and even greeted with real flowers and gifts too!

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Looking for reputable Thai dating sites choose TheLuckydate! This site can boast over 100k visits a month and over 4k girls online, so the selection of Thai bridesis really great. These ladies are very responsive and active, so men bathe in their attention. The website features an innovative matching algorithm with lots of filters and a mobile application for flexibility of interaction.

What’s really great about this platform is numerous communication tools. Men can contact Thai mail order brides not only by sending them written messages with attachments but even request their contact details and impress them with gifts both virtual and real ones.

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Why do Thai women become mail order brides?

Mail order bride industry is booming in Thailand, and there are apparent reasons for that. According to this research paper, one-third of Thai women wish to marry a foreigner, and the majority of them do that to escape from poverty. In fact, Thai ladies constitute 8% of all mail order wives, and this is quite informative data. Why is it so? Women have convincing reasons to become mail order Thai brides:

  • Desire to live a better life: the majority of men looking for a foreign wife are mature and successful individuals who can guarantee stability and have clear life goals. They’re ready to maintain the family and look for traditional women roles like caregiver, housewife, sex partner, and it seems a pleasure for every Thai girl who has to work hard in the motherland
  • Attraction to western men who look like movie stars for overseas brides: they also have an aversion to local men who are lazy, cruel, can run away with other women, and don’t make good husbands
  • New culture and life: many Thai brides feel isolated living on the isles and want to navigate another life with different traditions, new experiences, and more opportunities
  • Hope for a true feeling of love: arranged marriages are still frequent in Thailand, so a girl would rather become a Thai mail order bride and choose a partner who appeals to her than be forced to marry anyone else. Furthermore, such international marriages are often built on love and mutual respect from both sides, so they’re happier and more long-lasting

Thai wives: statistics you didn’t know about Thai women

It’s very likely that you don’t know much about Thailand, so let’s dive into some interesting facts about this country and its female population.

  • Thailand girls put effort into preserving relationships despite any difficulties: though the number of divorces keeps on growing in Thailand having from 27% in 2006 to 39% in 2016 and it is still growing, the majority of women believe that this isn’t a way out of this situation. They usually happen because local men make women work hard and maintain families, but the same rate in international marriages with Thai wives is 10 times lower.
  • Early marriages are possible but they get less common: the average age when Thailand brides get married is already 25 and keeps on growing. Some sources mention that Thailand was the country with the lowest marriage age of 18-19 years since around 20% of charming Thai girls enter a family life before getting 18 years. The latest tendency shows that hot Thai brides decide to get more mature before jumping into a whirl of serious relationships.
  • Thailand wives tend to have only 2-3 children in marriage: many foreign men believe that Asian women give birth to 3 and more kids in families, but it was a popular approach earlier. Nowadays, they follow western standards in this approach.
  • Charming Thai brides are also educated and intelligent: over 70% of local people are considered educated. Moreover, the statistics say that 1.1 million female students were enrolled in higher education in 2020, and they constitute 53% of all Thai students.

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What makes Thai brides so special?

There’s a great selection of Thai brides for you, but have you ever thought about why western men are so attracted to these Oriental ladies? Unlike feminized and pampered ladies living in the USA and Europe, Thai women are seeking marriage and have all the features every good wife should possess:

  • Traditional values: Thailand is a Muslim country with centurial traditions and values, so women are raised to be exquisite housewives, nurturing spouses, and put the main focus on the family. Thai lady for marriage has a clear understanding that a man is the leader, and her main responsibility is to surround him with comfort, care, and love
  • Saving virginity for a husband: the majority of  Thai mail order wife from rural areas don’t have sexual experience prior to marriage. They believe that being a virgin Thai woman is a must, and only a husband must be the first to make a woman’s flower blossom. On the other side, ladies from big cities may have less conservative views on this topic and are often compared with hot tigresses when it comes to bed affairs, so males win in both situations meeting a Thai mail order bride!
  • Excellent homemakers: do you want perfect order in the house or homemade meals that make the mouth water? It isn’t a problem for a mail order bride from Thailand. She can easily cope with any household chores and will do her best to surprise near and dear with new skills and dishes
  • Loyal partners: there’s no need to doubt the reliability and faithfulness of Thai women. If they get stability and a good attitude from a partner, it’ll never occur to them to betray him, and even thoughts about that are considered unacceptable
  • Caring mothers: kids are the center of the galaxy for women from Thailand, so they always try to devote as much time and care to them as possible. One of the reasons why Thai brides look for husbands abroad is a desire to provide children with a promising future, so their love for kids seems endless
  • Exotic appearance: Thailand mail order wife is an example of a slim and tender lady with wide-open hazel brown eyes, a beautiful smile, and delicate features. These women look gorgeous in any outfit and take care of themselves to always look fabulous for a partner
  • Down-to-earth nature: ladies living in Thailand are logical and practical, so they look at every situation from different angles to make the right decisions and switch on the analytical mind in almost every case. Therefore, if a Thai bride chooses a man she likes, this is an informed decision without any doubts
  • Doers led by example: foreign brides online always wait for male’s initiative, but Thai girls would rather take action than sit and wait. They take the example of successful and confident people and follow it to achieve more goals set

How much does a Thai bride cost?

Finding a wife in Thailand implies different expenditures, including the cost of the trip, dates, and gifts, but how much are Thai mail order wives if you look online for them? Since the majority of platforms offer both free and paid services, it doesn’t cost much to meet Thai women and start building relationships with them. Average Thai bride cost include several points:

  • Communication on the website with a Thai bride: from $100 a month.  This sum depends on the site you use since there are prepaid platforms (the cost depends on user activity) and ones using a monthly subscription (it costs between $50 – $200 a month). It means that half a year of communication on the site may cost around $500 – $700.
  • Gifts and flowers: depend on her preferences and man’s budget but an average amount of these expenses is $2,000
  • Tour to Thailand: tickets, accommodation, meals, and dates may reach $3,000–$5,000 and more
  • Moving expenditures: visa, translation services, flight, and the wedding ceremony may cost you as little as $1,000–$2,000

The average cost of Thai mail order brides consists of different sums and usually starts from $10,000–$15,000.

It also makes sense to consider the Thai bride price or sinsod/tongmun, which is considered traditional in Thailand. Though it isn’t obligatory, some families want to get some money for the bride, and men should offer this reward to the head of the family if he marries a girl. Still, the Thai bride cost remains affordable to an average American.

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How to attract Thai mail order brides?

When you opt for dating Thai brides, you can draw a girl’s attention with a smile or eye contact, but how to do that online? Consider the following tips on winning her attention and heart:

  • Make the first impression memorable: learn how to say “hello” in Thai, the traditional Thai greeting or tell an interesting fact about the country to hook her
  • Treat her respectfully: honor and a good attitude are very important for women from any corner of the world, but Thai ladies pay special attention to that because of frequent violence in society
  • Interest her in conversation: if your Thai bride likes a topic you suggest, she’ll be more eloquent and excited to dwell on her. Some ladies may be shy, so it’s necessary to gain their trust first
  • Keep your promises: small gifts, punctuality, and other things that may seem trifles for you play an important role for a local lady from this Asian country
  • Tell her about your intentions: explain that your goal is to meet foreign wife and you consider her for this role. Most Thai women would appreciate your honesty and won’t find this strange
  • Let her see your inner world: share your childhood memories, speak about family and friends, show some photos to earn her trust, and she’ll respond with the same warm attitude. Your Thai bride online will feel connected to you as if she’s right by your side
  • Respect Thai culture: the country is religious and has many old traditions and customs, so making fun of them isn’t a good idea because the majority of people treat them with honor and follow them. Take your time to master the basics of the Thai language to gain respect

Tours to meet Thai mail order brides

A reputable Thai mail order wife agency offers not only online acquaintances but also tours to meet Thai brides in a more traditional way. International trips that allow males to go to another country and be introduced to many single ladies are called matchmaking tours.

These are safe and comfortable trips organized by agencies. Every man interested in them can fill out the application and select several Thai girls’ profiles that seem the most appealing. He’ll be provided with the tickets, accommodation, and scheduled group dates to make the most of the visit. Singles tours are organized in different countries and are famous for their unmatched success for the majority of travelers.

Another type of Thai brides tours is organized for males who want to have one-to-one dates with the women of their choice. In most cases, these are romance tours when guys meet ladies from Thailand they’ve already interacted with online and want to experience live communication, have eye contact, and find out other important things about the Thai woman which can’t be learned online.

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Thailand is a country that can’t leave anyone indifferent, so any tour there will be memorable and adventurous, especially if you go there for love with a Thai girl for marriage!


If you dream about a Thai wife mail order, bride platforms are a number-one destination to look for one. They offer not only to meet Thai ladies online, initiate conversations, and exchange gifts and emotions but also visit them in their native environment, spend time with pleasure, and get a clear understanding if this Thai lady is your true soulmate.

The Internet has made mail order bride services more informative, entertaining, and efficient, so now the process of getting a wife from Thailand is time-savvy and resultative. A man can meet a Thai girl to his taste, ensure she’s a perfect match, and bring her home to take the relationships to the next level! All this is done thanks to reliable Thai mailorder bride services operating nowadays!

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