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Thalia trembles as Aracely Arámbula stuns in sexy swimsuit, showcasing her tiny waist in captivating photo

Thalia is shaking with excitement! Aracely Arámbula is raising the temperature with a photo in a sexy swimsuit that showcases her perfect silhouette – you have to see it!

Aracely Arámbula continues to prove that she is one of the social media queens. The talented 49-year-old Mexican artist surprised her more than six million followers on Instagram by sharing a photo where she shows off her spectacular figure in a swimsuit.

The viral image shows Arámbula posing flirtatiously from a jacuzzi with the sea in the background. The actress wears a green one-piece swimsuit that highlights her slender figure, which some users have even compared to that of singer Thalía.

Aracely Arambula. Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

“Happy Sunday,” wrote the star of ‘Dreamers’ in the caption of the photo.

In addition to showing off her beauty, Arámbula took advantage of the post to pay tribute to her mother, Relief Jacques affectionately known as ‘Coco’, who passed away in mid-February.

“Looking at the sky and embracing it… everything reminds me of you, my Coco, especially this place… LOVING YOU INFINITELY and day by day trying to mend my heart,” the artist expressed in the description of the image.

The post honoring her mother generated thousands of likes and comments in a matter of hours, proving once again her great popularity and the love her fans have for her.


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