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The Greatest Hits: A Must-Watch Romantic Comedy on Star+

What often saves a film does not have to do with the totality or the general result, but rather with small moments of lucidity and sensitivity that reach the heart of the viewer. That is the virtue of The Greatest Hits written and directed by Ned Benson, starring Lucy Boynton and released on Star+.

The focus on music and melomania is what makes us connect with the story and the characters and transport us to the past like the protagonist, Harriet, played by a splendid Boynton, with whom we fell in love in Sing Street (2016), the John Carney film with which it also shares ground.

If we stop at how the characters, photography, and music are designed and treated, perhaps there is not much to say, since its lack of risk and its attachment to a somewhat lazy and comfortable script make it more of the same and that everything looks industrial, clean, cheesy, not very credible. Nor does it make a clear reference to the social context of the characters that allows us to understand why they do what they do.

However, the film has moments that take a little out of the story in a pleasant way, although they are also cloying and naive, mainly related to the songs that Harriet, who has exquisite (although obvious) taste, listens to.

For example, listen to everything from The The to Nelly Furtado, including DJ Harvey, Lana Del Rey, and Roxy Music, whose limited edition album is the key to the plot, and what the meeting between Harriet and David (Justin H.) will produce.

In fact, the subgenre chosen is time travel, a true success because it has to do with what music provokes in the protagonist, a transportation to the past to live in it or to change it, with nostalgia as salvation, as a revolutionary possibility, as a gateway to change of destiny.

Harriet is a music producer who lives alone in a house full of records after having lost the love of her life, Max (David Corenswet), in a car accident. What’s unique about Harriet is that her songs take her back to when she and Max heard them for the first time.

For the duration of the song, he goes back in time and literally relives his life. That’s why she wears headphones when she goes out, because any song that plays on the street can be an emotional trigger.

Then David will appear at a therapy group she attends. When they meet, they fall in love and everything changes for both of them. It’s a second chance for Harriet, who has a best friend of hers, Morris (Austin Crute), who encourages her to leave the past with Max behind and get married with David.

The Greatest Hits It is a time travel film with touches of romantic comedy (and with a love triangle with a third party that intervenes through memories), which is enjoyed for the music and because it is like a charming candy. But, like candy, you eat it quickly and move on to something else.

The Greatest Hits (United States, 2024)

Drama, Romantic comedy

Rating: Good

Screenplay and direction: Ned Benson. Cast: Lucy Boynton, Justin H. Min, David Corenswet, Austin Crute, Retta, Andie Ju, Nelly Furtado, Clementine Creevy, Tom Yi, and Jenne Kang. Photography: Chung Chung-Hoon. Music: Ryan Lott. Duration: 94 minutes. Suitable for people over 14 years old. On Star+.

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