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The Lord of the Rings Hero Remains Unhappy with His Role 24 Years Later, Still Resembling a Coat Rack

When a large production ends, it is normal that the actors have good memories or nice words about them. However, this is not always the case, and there are some performers who were not comfortable with the role they were given or think they were insignificant to the impact they should have had on the plot. This is the case of Hugo Weaving, actor who played Elrond first in The Lord of the Rings and then in The Hobbit.

“It wasn’t the most satisfying character to play.”

It is not that the star of The Matrix was not happy to have participated in the films, but he does consider that his character did not play a key role in the War of the Ring masterfully narrated by Peter Jackson on the big screen. This was stated by the actor in an interview with The Guardian where they review several milestones in his career, including his time in Middle Earth: “It wasn’t the most satisfying character to play, really. Elrond looked like a coat rack.”

Reading these short but concise statements, what Hugo Weaving probably wanted to express by comparing himself to a coat rack is that, although the Lord of Rivendell was always a brush, the elf didn’t have much to do within the plot. In fact, in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, his role was limited to give shelter to the protagonists, provide them with necessary information or tools and then send them back home. Without further ado.

The character had a great story behind just as we saw in the prologue of The Lord of the Rings. In fact, in the prequel to The Rings of Power, Elrond (played by Robert Aramayo) has more minutes. You can watch the first season of the series on Prime Video. The Lord of the Rings movies are available on the Amazon service and through HBO Max. Let’s remember that this year Middle Earth will return to the big screen.

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