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The Lost Children in the Amazon: When will it be shown in Colombia?

It was a story that dominated the news for several weeks in Colombia and kept Colombian society in suspense since May 1, 2023: a small plane carrying Magdalena Mucutuy and her four children, Lesly, Soleiny, Tien, and Cristin, crashed in the rural area of Solano, Caquetá.

The children not only survived the accident but spent 40 days alone in the jungle until they were finally rescued on June 9.

The four of them were wandering alone, at the mercy of wild beasts and diseases, and even the “elves” that, according to indigenous beliefs, they claimed them as their own.

To this real-life story, which has a lot of extraordinary, comes audiovisual production. From the beginning, there were several production companies who wanted to make a documentary and even the indigenous peoples stated that they did not want that to happen. At another time, President Gustavo Petro wrote on his Twitter: “Reunited with the two-time Oscar winner in documentary @Simonlchinn and RTVC, they are partnering to produce the documentary ‘Operation Hope’.”

For now, a first documentary has no date and is ready to air (and it is not Chinn’s). It is about Operation Hope: The lost children in the Amazon of Prime Video which will be narrated by Gloria “Goyo” Emilse Martínez.

“This documentary shows the story of how the rescue developed with the first operation between the army and the indigenous rescuers and includes testimonies from the people who experienced the search, and from the children as they told their family,” details from Prime.

Operation Hope: The lost children in the Amazon was produced by Emporium Productions and directed by Tom Cross and features the participation of Brigadier Pedro Sánchez, Commander of the Joint Special Operations Command of the Armed Forces, Colombian Army, who directed Operation Hope; Eliecer Muñoz, indigenous leader and member of the Indigenous Guard who found the children; Dairo Mucutuy, the children’s uncle; Fatima Valencia, the children’s grandmother; Yeritza Mucutuy, the children’s aunt; and Luis Acosta, National Coordinator of the Indigenous Guard, among other real testimonies.

This documentary will be released on April 26 and will be available on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world.

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