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The Prophecy: Streaming Platform Availability and Premiere Date Revealed

The Hollywood film industry has been criticized for producing numerous sequels and prequels that lack originality and fail to offer something new to the audience. However, there are occasional ideas that stand out and ‘The First Prophecy’ is a prime example of this.

This prequel to a horror classic, directed by Arkasha Stevenson, hit theaters on April 5, receiving mixed reviews from American audiences. Fans are now eagerly awaiting its release on streaming platforms.

‘The First Prophecy’ is expected to arrive on streaming platforms after a period of about 45 days to three months from its theatrical release, possibly around June or July. As the film is under 20th Century Studios, a subsidiary of Disney, it will most likely be available on Disney Plus.

There is speculation about whether the film will also be available for rental or purchase on other platforms besides Disney Plus. Horror film enthusiasts are particularly excited to see this prequel, which delves into a sinister plot involving the resurrection of the son of Satan in Rome.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, ‘The First Prophecy’ has been praised by some critics. Fans of the genre are intrigued by the storyline and the connections it makes to the original film.

If you enjoyed ‘The First Prophecy’, you may also like other horror films such as ‘M3GAN’ and ‘They knock at the door’. Keep an eye out for updates on these films and more in the future.

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