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The Remarkable Transformation of Alberto Guerra: From Obscurity to Sharing the Spotlight with Madonna

Alberto Guerra is experiencing a great professional moment after leaving addictions. (Photo by Mireya Acimiento/WireImage)

Madonna and Alberto Guerra are the stars of the magazine’s cover Re-Edition, a photo that speaks of the extraordinary moment that the Cuban actor is experiencing at a professional level. Behind the good step in his current career is what he seeks most after overcoming addictions, his family.

The interpreter’s most recent work is his character Darío in the series Griselda, from Netflix, along with Sofía Vergara. Playing the ex-partner of the drug trafficker Colombian has given him the opportunity of a stellar role that allows him to continue projecting himself outside of Mexico after winning the award for Best Foreign Performance at the Estrella Awards for his participation in The pack, a series launched in 2020 by Amazon Prime Video and directed by the renowned Argentine director Lucía Puenzo.

The exposure he has received from Griselda he assumes with prudence, avoiding taking his feet off the Earth so as not to lose the ground of the path he forges. “I feel very proud of the series, but nothing, life goes on and you have to take everything with a certain calm, the good and the bad and the regular, and keep things as they are,” commented in an interview for the magazine Who.

The serenity and humility with which he takes fame has a strong reason behind him: his wife, the actress Zuria Vega, and his children, Penélope, Lúa, and Luka. Penelope, 21, is the daughter of a previous relationship. The youngest ones are from his marriage to Vega; Lúa is 7 years old and Luka is 4.

“I am in a very familiar moment, quite calm. I am very focused on my work and my family. I practically have no space for anything else in my life. Being a father and husband most of my time, as much as I can,” declared to Who.

Reaching this point of harmony between professional and personal, between work and family, was not easy for him. It was in August 2022 when he was encouraged to publicly share on social networks his feelings regarding what it meant to be a rehabilitated man who was able to leave behind his past with drug and alcohol addictions.

At that time, he opened up to share his experience to celebrate his sobriety and promote the conversation around male mental health and the effects of resorting to narcotics as an escape from “fragilities” frowned upon by society.

“The thing about addictions and mental health is that they are still a taboo subject. It is still a stigma because men’s mental health still is. That’s how we were taught, to be an addict, to ask for help, to talk to your loved ones and to others. Someone specialized automatically makes you a weak man,” wrote.

In his post, he mentioned the filmmaker Kyzza Terrazas, director of films such as The language of machetes (2011), We are language (2016), and Bayonet (2018). She refers to him with gratitude for having been her inspiration to request support and take the step of rehabilitating herself, as well as saying goodbye to addictions. Terrazas is a filmmaker who also lived a period as an addict and is one of the representatives of the Mexican film industry who has spoken openly about the subject in order to break down the stigmas that Guerra refers to.

During the first four years without substances in his body, the actor faced a strong internal crisis. His reinvention began from the constant questioning he asked himself about whether he was capable of carrying himself through life without getting involved. He came to doubt continuing in acting because he did not feel capable of progressing in his profession.

From 2022 to 2024, his name appears in series and films of different genres. With The Butter: Master of the scam, of Star Plus, he shows himself as a versatile actor with his impersonation of Emiliano Escamilla, a conman who uses various personalities to carry out revenge. With Wheat, by director Anabel Caso, he stands out as the object of desire of a pair of teenagers who are going through sexual awakening in a rural environment.

With six years without drugs or alcohol in his daily life, Alberto Guerra continues to rise. Now she appears alongside ‘The Queen of Pop’ on the cover of Re-Edition at the same time he stands out in two series, one on Netflix and the other on Star Plus. However, based on his priorities, the fundamental thing is to be fully aware of enjoying his fatherhood, constantly working on the love he feels for Zuria Vega, and on cementing the emotional ties within his family nucleus, where he was able to find meaning in all things.

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